Are You a Confident Real Estate Contrarian?

March 17, 2020
Are You a Confident Real Estate Contrarian?

The real estate investment industry is a fast paced environment. You really need to be on your toes if you want to be truly successful. The reality is that the opportunities are wide open. Do you have the confidence to be a real estate contrarian?

How Confident Are You?

Confidence comes from knowing who you are and what you want to do. Have you got your branding clear and concise? Are you sure about who it is you are putting in front of your clients? When you know what it is you want to project to your clients and you’re sure that is what they are experiencing, this will boost your confidence when interacting with your target market.

Being confident also helps you to make informed, sure-footed decisions. If you want to be a confident real estate contrarian, you must be able to make quick decisions. It is important to be able to anticipate market trends. You will have to take risks, but you want them to be calculated risks. The more you understand the market, the more you will be able to anticipate upcoming trends in real estate.

Are You a Confident Real Estate Contrarian?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Successful?

Successful real estate agents have a clear and concise goal in front of them. They know where they are going and what they are wanting out of every deal. You must have a clear path to success and know the steps you are going to take to get there. If you can’t see where you are going, it is likely you will take the wrong path, so be clear in your goals.

A strong, reliable team of people is also vital to your growth and confidence. Surround yourself with loyal, honest, and hardworking team members. Make your team your support system, choose those with strengths where you know you have weaknesses. Delegating important tasks to a team that you are confident can accomplish each task successfully will take a huge amount of stress off your shoulders.

Are You Willing To Take The Risk?

Some people fear failing, but even when things don’t go as planned, there is much to be learned in a failed attempt at anything. Successful real estate moguls know how to fail, pick themselves up, brush it off and analyze what went wrong. After some analysis, adjust and try again. Staying down is not an option.

Are you a confident real estate contrarian? Do you possess these traits? Successful real estate contrarians know how to delegate. They know their brand and it is distinctive. They are surrounded by successful people, both team members and mentors. Most importantly they get back up each and every time they fail. Successful people are driven by action and results. They keep going until they achieve the results they desire.

Marko Rubel
Marko Rubel is a bestselling author, self-made millionaire, and master real estate investor. He immigrated to the U.S. from Croatia as a champion boxer in his 20s without speaking English and having little money.  He has been named a real estate expert by the National Real Estate Investing Association that represents over 40,000 investors nationwide. After years of trial and error in wholesaling and rehabbing, he created his own strategies. He is now considered one of America’s leading real estate experts— helping others on their real estate investing journey.