How’s Your Investing Reputation?

September 26, 2019
How's Your Investing Reputation?

As with any business, your reputation can make or break your client base. What I mean by this is that, if your reputation isn’t that great, word will likely get around and that could mean you end up with less clients or deals. And, with the Internet at everyone’s fingertips, it’s easy to do some research on businesses. So, you want to be sure you’re on the up and up when it comes to your business reputation.

How do you think your investing business reputation is doing? Do you feel as if your past clients or business partners would have good things to say about you?

Here are some great tips for you moving forward that can help you give your investment reputation a boost.

1. Be Selective In What You’re Investing In

The real estate investing business is one that you’ll have long-term. As such, you must think in terms of the long haul, rather than just think about the present moment. Sure, it’s possible to make huge amounts of money fast in REI if you’re doing it right. However, there’s also a lot to be said about going at it with a reasonable and steady pace.

You don’t have to say yes to every investment deal. If you rush right into deals based on excitement alone, you may find yourself in a jam or wanting to back out down the road. Breaking a deal can hurt your reputation, so do your due diligence and be selective in each real estate investment.

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How's Your Investing Reputation?

2. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

If you’re going to make a promise, be sure you can keep it.  You certainly don’t want to be known as the flaky investor who doesn’t follow through. People want to work with those they can trust, so be trustable with your words and your actions. This will help you build an excellent reputation.

3. Give Superior Service Every Time

Treat every person you come into contact with as if they are royalty. By this, I mean offer exceptional service to each person, regardless of whether you think you’re going to move forward with the deal or not. When you go above and beyond every day, you’re sure to build a wonderful reputation because people will share with their friends and families their experience with you.


Chances are your reputation is good, but it’s wise to just check in with yourself and others every once in a while to see how it’s really doing. You might even want to ask your past clients to fill out a questionnaire asking them various questions about your service and their experience. Check the internet to see if there are any poor reviews and if there are, see if what they are saying is true. If it’s not, try not to take it personal; we can’t please everyone.

Do your best to give excellent service, keep your word, be selective in what deals you choose, and your reputation should be just fine.

Marko Rubel
Marko Rubel is a bestselling author, self-made millionaire, and master real estate investor. He immigrated to the U.S. from Croatia as a champion boxer in his 20s without speaking English and having little money.  He has been named a real estate expert by the National Real Estate Investing Association that represents over 40,000 investors nationwide. After years of trial and error in wholesaling and rehabbing, he discovered Unlimited Funding strategies. He is now considered one of America’s leading real estate experts— training others how to be successful exactly as he has done it.