Leaving Bad Habits In The Past

February 12, 2021
Leaving Bad Habits In The Past

Research say that it takes, on average, 21 days to implement a new positive habit. Leaving a bad habit in the past is a different story. There are many bad habits, like over eating, smoking, not taking proper care of yourself, being negative and being lazy are just some of them. There are different approaches for trying to leave a bad habit and implement a new better one. Here are some ways how you can help yourself when you need some extra motivation:

1. Circle of Trust

For everything in life, it a great benefit to have a circle of trust. A circle of trust is a group of people you keep close. These people those that inspire and help you get up when you fall, people that you can depend on and trust. Those that improve your life, giving you positive vibes and motivation on every step you take. These people are also there to tell you truthfully that you are wrong. Rely on these people to help hold yourself accountable when trying to break a bad habit.

2. Cheat Day

Many great athletes have a cheat day. This can be used for every habit you want to change. It is a day once a month or a week (better once a month) when you can indulge the habit you are trying to break. If you have a strong mind and can control yourself this is a good thing for your ultimate goal. If you have a lot of trouble with your change then maybe this will not help you. That is a choice that you have to make.

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Leaving Bad Habits In The Past

3. A Kind Reminder

When you’re having a tough time breaking your old habits, remind yourself why are you doing this in the first place. Remind yourself why this is a bad habit, and what the consequences are if you continue with this habit. Remind yourself what are the benefits that you will gain and who will this change effect.

4. Quick Fix

Create some measures for critical moments. “If I do this, then I will do this”. Habits are something we repeat each day countless times, so if you have some well-known triggers, find some measures to dismantle those triggers. This can help you become more creative.

There are many ways to help yourself loose bad habits and keep good ones. Before you do anything new, take some time to research information on your habit. Find out what the best practices are to break your specific habit. Take tips from others, as sometimes they might help! This will be helpful in your battle. Be strong and you will preserve!

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Marko Rubel
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