Portugal Travel: A Piece of Paradise

June 27, 2019
Portugal Travel: A Piece of Paradise

Portugal is a fascinating country with a compelling history. People often fall in love with this place for its scenic views, glorious climates and lots of tourist places. That is why experts in the tourism industry say that Portugal is a must for the travel bucket list.

In regard to the cities, the historic districts create a perfect combination with the ultra-modern lifestyle. The traditional villages along the coast are amazing for those who want to spend some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Portugal is popular for its vibrant nightlife and the progressive attitudes of the residents. If you are planning to travel the world, we advise you to spare some time to cherish the amazing beauty of Portugal.

Below we have highlighted few must-visit locations for your Portugal travel plan:

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Portugal Travel: A Piece of Paradise

Tavira: The Traditional Beach Town

Tavira is a wonderful fashion town that is located at the calm eastern Algarve. Although most of the towns in the southern part of Portugal are already catering millions of tourists every year, Tavira is still the most historic site retaining its charm and distinctive character. On the south side of Tavira, visitors can find several sandy beaches with several relaxed holiday destinations.

Sesimbra: The Beautiful Beach Resort

Sesimbra is a beautiful resort town located in the south part of Lisbon. This small town is loved by most Portuguese, and they love to visit this area in the holiday season. People love the serene atmosphere and scenic beauty of this place; it ensures a peaceful and gentle touch of nature in all seasons.

Evora: The Historic Town

Evora is a widely known historical city that is located in the heart of the arid Alentejo region. This town is named after the beautiful Roman Temple and the bone chapel. This place stays widely crowded in the summer season as most of the tourists prefer to explore the historic sites and lovely natural inspired spots. 

Guimaraes: The Birth Place

Here is a very special place in Portugal, with some even calling it heaven on the earth. Guimaraes is the most historical site of Portugal, as the first king was born here, and established the country in 1128. Tourists still prefer to visit the stunning historic sites at this place while capturing the amazing view of traditionally styled houses. There are numbers of hiking trails and camping spots in the area to create memorable moments for the tourists.

In addition, you can plan to visit the Alentejo Coastline, Sintra, Lagos, Porto, and Lisbon as well. Whether you are planning an outdoor visit with friends or relocate entirely, Portugal is the best choice to have a memorable time together.

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