Student Success Stories

Hear how these students' lives were transformed by learning from Marko.

Free and Clear Deals Are Out There!

Keith & Jaiden closed a deal with $0 down, 0% interest.

"Recovered Rehabber"

Ernie, a former rehabber, closed a deal with a car.

Semi-Retired in the Next 3 Years

Mario secured $458,000 in profit in less than a year.

4x Salary in 2 Deals

Joan & Elise locked in $80,000 in only a few hours of work.

A Year's Salary in 3 Hours

Brendan and Jamie retired early.

$10 Down on a House

Denise got $180,000 seller-carry-back at 0% interest.

A Mindset Champion

Arlene saved her home from foreclosure AND made $15,000.