The Importance Of Investing In A Coach

November 8, 2019
The Importance Of Investing In A Coach

Imitation is known as the best type of flattery. However, it can also lead you on a path to success. Finding a mentor or coach that has seen success and learning from them is the best way to get your own business started or take your current business to the next level. That is why I offer coaching, online courses, and live in-person trainings. I want to share the strategies that I have taken years to perfect, and that have brought me immense success in real estate investing, so that others can enjoy success. With the right training and mentoring, anything is possible.

Investing in your education in this industry is invaluable. I personally have invested over $250,000 on training and coaches for myself, and it has helped me earn millions.

Coaches are not just seen in real estate, but are also an integral part of other professions. I’ve never seen a superstar in any profession who wasn’t relentlessly molded by a coach for most of his career. For example, Michael Jordan was cut from his high school team before his coach started mentoring him one-on-one. Well, we all know how that turned out, and I think he would say all of the coaching he received was a big part of his success.

Here are some benefits of having a coach:

  • Helps to motivate you
  • Encourages you to think outside the box
  • Confidence building
  • Sets the framework for making goals and a plan to achieve them
  • The ability to bounce ideas off of someone who has already had success
  • Learning from the best so you can take your business to the next level

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The Importance Of Investing In A Coach

While coaching might not be feasible for everyone, there are usually online courses and seminars that can help immensely. For example, I offer my Foreclosure Investing Mastery and Unlimited Funding course online that are created so that anyone can have success in real estate investing if they are willing to put in the work and learn the system

There is also a benefit to attending live trainings. Live courses offer several benefits that you cannot get from online coursework.

  • Being live with an expert and your peers enhances the learning experience, and students tend to retain the information and learn how to apply it very well.
  • You will get the most up to date information.
  • You can meet and network with others in the same industry. It is a great time to learn from others.
  • Live trainings have more content than online courses, and you will get access to information you can’t get anywhere else.

In my business, I offer 4-day live seminars that are essential to kickstarting your real estate investing business. The courses, Niche2Wealth and Million Dollar Foreclosure, are designed to help people at any level grow their business. After online courses and live events, coaching is an additional boost that can help you achieve success.

Marko Rubel
Marko Rubel is a bestselling author, self-made millionaire, and master real estate investor. He immigrated to the U.S. from Croatia as a champion boxer in his 20s without speaking English and having little money.  He has been named a real estate expert by the National Real Estate Investing Association that represents over 40,000 investors nationwide. After years of trial and error in wholesaling and rehabbing, he discovered Unlimited Funding strategies. He is now considered one of America’s leading real estate experts— training others how to be successful exactly as he has done it.