Top 5 Places In Montenegro

April 7, 2020
Top 5 Places In Montenegro

Montenegrin coastline is brief, but it has many wonderful places where you can spend some time and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here are some places that have to be on your travel itinerary when you visit this small Balkan country:

1. Kotor

The city of Kotor is really a great place to start off your journey through Montenegrin coastline. The Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska) is an astonishing place, with beautiful water surrounded by Lovcen Mountains. Kotor is a towns full of history, and definitely worth seeing. The city itself is the Unesco World Heritage Site. You can go to Castle of San Giovanni and where you can take in the view of almost the whole Bay of Kotor. You can stop in at the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, which was built in 1166. This is one of the best places in Montenegro, and don’t think twice about visiting it.

2. Budva

The city of Budva is one of the most crowded places in Montenegro in summer, but it is nevertheless a great spot to see. You get to be a part of local peoples’ daily lives and full immerse yourself in the culture. In the old town, you can take a stroll down the old cobble stone streets and taste some local seafood specialties. Near Budva, there are also few great beaches; like Petrovac and Milocer. Some say, if you didn’t go to Budva while in Montenegro it is like you have never been to Montenegro at all.

Top 5 Places In Montenegro

3. Biogradska Gora National Park

Biogradska Gora National Park lies between the Tara and Lim rivers in the center of Montenegro. Pack to the brim with crystal-clear lakes, icy streams, and green meadowlands Biogradska Gora is one of the few remaining primeval forests in all of Europe – making it a must see for any nature enthusiasts. The highlight of the park is Lake Biograd. This large glacial fed lake sits in the center of the park, and offers spectacular views for anyone wanting to take in a bit of nature.

4. Beaches – Dobre vode & Ada Bojana

Veliki Pijesak beach in Dobre Vode is one of the best beaches in all of Montenegro. With its crystal- clear water, Veliki Pijesak is most stop for those wanting to take in all the beauty of this country. Ada Bojana is located on Bojana Island, where the river Bojana flows into Adriatic Sea. It is a long sandy beach with many wooden houses. It is a great place to relax. These two beaches should definitely be on your list.

5. Sveti Stefan

This small islet city of St. Stefan is a great place to visit while you are on your path from Petrovac to Budva. There are few a beaches around it where you can swim or relax on the sandy shores. This is for sure one of the places that you stop at on your tour through Montenegro.

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