Top Tips for Staying Fit

December 17, 2019
Top Tips for Staying Fit

Becoming fit is hard enough, but staying fit is even harder. Having healthy habits all the time is not easy at all. With eating healthy, training, and sleeping well on one side, the other we have kids, lack of time, work, friends, socializing and many time and energy wasters. The key is to find the balance that works best for you. Here are some suggestions that can help you stay fit in today’s busy world:

1. Time Management

Never have breaks longer than 3 days between training. Don’t make excuses like you don’t have time, you always have at least 30 minutes. Always try to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep (sleep more at night because that is when body regenerates the best). Eating late at night will also hinder your process. This is something to avoid.

2. Ultimate Goal

Think about your ultimate goal. Is your ultimate goal to live a healthy life, to be able to spend time with your children, grandchildren and not to be a big burden to your family? Nobody guarantees how long we will live, and that is really ok, but when we are alive, it is better to be healthy, common sense right?

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Top Tips for Staying Fit

3. Self-Love

First, you have to be ok with that who you are and know your body well. If something is affecting your body in a bad way, then don’t do it. If you love eating something unhealthy eat it once or twice a month and during the day. Love yourself and hear yourself. Our body usually talks to us and gives us signs we sometimes don’t see.

4. Cheat Days

As mentioned above you, should definitely have some cheat days, but other days you should take care of your diet. Eat vegetables, fish, eggs, and dark chocolate. Take in enough water. Use internet calculators to see how much water you need and try to match at least 70% of suggested intake. On cheat days eat your favorite junk food but in small amounts. Overeating should always be avoided as this creates many imbalances in our system.

This are all common things, find the best way that suites you and your lifestyle and you will see improvement every day.

(Talk to your doctor and/or healthcare professional before you start any type of new eating regimen or diet programs. The content and information on this webpage are for informational use only and should be carefully considered by the user.)

Marko Rubel
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